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You Know You're a Farmer when....

March 06, 2014

You head into town to run errands and after returning home you realize you have walked around all day with cow poop on your back side and no one said anything. The world is at brink of another possible “conflict” and all you can think about after learning that all   the hay farmers are out of straw for the remainder of the year (it’s only February), is “Sh*t, I knew I  should have ordered another jumbo bale”. You give all of your business suits to Goodwill. When you eat dinner out or at someones house you have to refrain yourself from asking if you can have all of the leftovers for the chickens. On the now rare occasion you eat...

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Everything I need to know I learned from a cow...

February 12, 2014

We brought Rosie & Butch home from a dairy farm on a hot day in August.  Rosie was a few days old, Butch one day.  What was supposed to be one bull calf from a benefit auction, ended up being two (one for each kid to learn how to raise an animal-right?)  Every morning early & two more times a day I bottle fed them.  Easy enough until they developed Scours.  Bad.  Very bad, and the smell?!  Anyway, these are some lessons that I have learned along the way and try to incorporate into our lives... #1.  Always be happy to see your family.  Running up to them helps.  licking them, maybe not.#2.  Always be accepting & kind to others. ...

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"Farming instead of blogging"

January 29, 2014

On the road to The self sufficient life... Well, we are just finishing up our first “real” year of trying to be more self sufficient.  Now it is time for the review, the final grade.  Bottom line, we would have starved to death!  Or at least have become very, very, skinny.When the salmon ran the Stilliguamish river this fall (we have been waiting two years for this big run), we all went fishing.  Sometimes for hours at a time.  We caught ONE fish between three of us.  Yes, ONE.  We ended up with 8 total though because other fishermen (that could actually catch something) would give them to us. I guess they felt sorry.  We smoked all of them in...

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Bees 101: Beeing a NewBee...

April 30, 2013

Two out of the three of us stood in front of the “bee pick up” area outside the store.  Other people (obviously not “Newbees!”) were picking up their hives and walking off to their cars with them. My friend Frankie and I just stood there staring.  There was a whole warehouse full of the bee cages, with several orphan bees flying around freely.  We both had ordered the 3 pound bees with marked queens (makes it easier to identify her with the big white dot on her thorax).  I told Frankie that the whole bee idea now seemed to look better on paper.  We had a list of questions (yes we of course read Bees For Dummies on the 30...

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