"Farming instead of blogging"

On the road to The self sufficient life...

Well, we are just finishing up our first “real” year of trying to be more self sufficient.  Now it is time for the review, the final grade.  Bottom line, we would have starved to death!  Or at least have become very, very, skinny.

When the salmon ran the Stilliguamish river this fall (we have been waiting two years for this big run), we all went fishing.  Sometimes for hours at a time.  We caught ONE fish between three of us.  Yes, ONE.  We ended up with 8 total though because other fishermen (that could actually catch something) would give them to us. I guess they felt sorry.  We smoked all of them in our vintage refrigerator smoker and then vacuum sealed them.

The garden was planted almost two months late (hey, I was busy)!  Thank God for our honey bees.  Because of their lack of food supply, they spent most of their time in the garden.  This “saved” the garden and it produced loads of   veggies!  Except, one family cannot survive the year on 90 pounds of pickles.  Ditto that for Rutabagas (not sure what I was thinking)?  Green beans-good; heirloom corn-good (all five stocks); broccoli-tender (except we didn’t get enough to freeze); tomatoes-not so good (despite a hot summer they just didn’t produce well & ripen); carrots-oh yah, that’s what was in those bed of weeds; strawberries-great, all six of them; sunflowers-birds loved them; pumpkins-good; zuchinni-great (I always have to plant those it makes me feel like a green thumb success). 

This was our first year for the 13 fruit trees.  Two died.  Maybe it’s Jeffs overzealous use of organic fertilizer? We weren’t expecting much.  I ate all three juicy sweet plums myself (then blamed the birds). But shared the 9 apples. Moses the goose, ate all the blueberries on our 10 bushes.


The honey bees did great their first summer.  We even had a queen and some bees leave (had I known what the heck I was doing I would now have TWO hives instead of just one). We were even able to extract a few jars of honey with the help of a generous bee expert that had recently undergone a kidney transplant.

We are already planning for next season and have been reading and researching. I saw this quote “farming instead of blogging”, in an article that mentioned we should be farming more instead of on the internet!  OK, so it was from one of the “doomer preppers”, but it still made me laugh.  Maybe because it hit too close to home??

~Head soap pot scrubber & hungry blogging farmer

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Hillary | lulalizett
Hillary | lulalizett

January 29, 2014

Tamila, this is hilarious. Hey, at least you tried. You’ll do better this year! I have faith in you, friend.

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