Everything I need to know I learned from a cow...

We brought Rosie & Butch home from a dairy farm on a hot day in August.  Rosie was a few days old, Butch one day. 

What was supposed to be one bull calf from a benefit auction, ended up being two (one for each kid to learn how to raise an animal-right?)  Every morning early & two more times a day I bottle fed them.  Easy enough until they developed Scours.  Bad.  Very bad, and the smell?!  Anyway, these are some lessons that I have learned along the way and try to incorporate into our lives...

#1.  Always be happy to see your family.  Running up to them helps.  licking them, maybe not.
#2.  Always be accepting & kind to others.  Especially if a new steer comes in pushes you out of the way, eats all your food, poops in your bed, and follows you around everywhere.  Licking them helps...

#3.  Find time in the day to just lay in the middle of a field.

#4.  Let mean spirited comments & actions of others roll off of your back like water on a goose (OK, maybe that lesson came from our goose, Moses).

#5.  Always be loyal to those close to you.  You never know when you might need your ears scratched or coat brushed.
#6.  If the big goose hisses at you while she is laying in YOUR straw bed, just leave her alone.  The middle of the field is also a fine place to lay.


#7.  Just focus on the basics of life.  Food, water, sleep, having fun...and hanging with your herd.



~Head soap pot scrubber & best friend to Rosie the cow.

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