You Know You're a Farmer when....

You head into town to run errands and after returning home you realize you have walked around all day with cow poop on your back side and no one said anything.

The world is at brink of another possible “conflict” and all you can think about after learning that all   the hay farmers are out of straw for the remainder of the year (it’s only February), is “Sh*t, I knew I  should have ordered another jumbo bale”.

You give all of your business suits to Goodwill.

When you eat dinner out or at someones house you have to refrain yourself from asking if you can have all of the leftovers for the chickens.

On the now rare occasion you eat out, you ask the waitress who raised your hamburger.

You realize you’re not as fun anymore at conversations or dinner parties because all you want to talk about is compost, worms, and finding good farm deals off Craigs List!

You can actually speak cow.  And chicken and duck.  




~Head soap pot scrubber & moo cluck quacker

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