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We have been living on our little farm now for almost a year and half.  We still have much to do.  We are trying to become more self sufficient. Our goal (well MY goal) is to not have to go to the grocery store for a year...Yes, when it was announced that we would be working towards this goal there was mutiny in the household.  Our teenager asked for a years supply of plastic bags from the local grocery store so he could put his lunch in them for school (I guess it didn’t help that I told him we would be getting rid of ALL plastic bags & switching to handmade bags).  Our daughter started hoarding store bought candy (we still haven’t figured out where it came from). 
Our farm will not be ready to sustain us for about another year.  We already have chickens.  Our heifer Rosie should be ready to milk next summer, our honey bees are coming in April, another steer will be arriving next week.  Our new orchard is now at around 13 trees, we have close to 40 mature canes of raspberries, and we need another spot for strawberries.  In the meantime, to get us through winter, we subscribed to Full Circle.  They will deliver veggies (organic & mostly local) weekly.  Our grains will come from Eastern Washington.  I still haven’t figured out how to have “convenience” food around for a growing family without spending all my time in the kitchen.  Some resources that I am depending on are Mother Earth Living and The Encyclopedia of Country Living.  Also, lots of wise friends and neighbors!  While I am not sure we can meet “our” goal, we are going to try.  After all, it keeps life interesting and exciting, which is what we do best in this family! :)



~Head soap pot scrubber & leader of the Morgan Family Food Revolution.                                                                                                                             

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March 11, 2013

Love the story, love the name! My granddaughter is Noelle Grace~ Grace is good!

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