Farm Lessons...

 Farm Lessons...

We moved from town out into the country about 18 months ago.  It’s been humbling to say the least.  No matter how many books that I have poured over, there just isn’t any substitution for practical experience.  Here are just a few of those lessons:)

#1  When the kids say something like, “Mom, there’s something in the field and I’m nooot sure what it is”.  Either, 1) grab your camera, or 2) grab the rifle, because I can guarantee it’s NOT the neighbors dog.

#2  Never, ever, show a teenage boy where his Dad’s tool box key is.

#3  A hammer is Not a “straightner outer” for bent motorcycle bars.  Neither is a rubber mallet.

#4  Never believe someone you’re related to when they tell you the electric fence is off.

#5  Always wear your muck boots when doing chores.  Always check your muck boots for ear wigs before doing chores.

#6  No matter how fast you think you can run, you can NOT run faster than a full grown steer.  Let me repeat that...

#7  Never turn your back to an animal larger than you.  Do I even have to mention not to bend over too?

~Head soap pot scrubber and part-time short distance sprinter.

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