The story of Moses and the mallards

Almost a year ago right before Easter, the kids and I stopped by the farm store.  Baby chicks had just arrived.  There were almost fifteen metal troughs full of  cute little breeds.  We certainly weren’t planning on bringing any home, but who could resist?  Darby picked out two little Mallards  and Kolt wanted a little yellow chick, which we thought was a duck, but in tiny words on the sign it said “Geese”.  Dad HATES geese, I warned.  So we schemed (yes, we’re bad)...if WE thought it was a duck, Dad would too.  So we brought home “Moses” and the mallards.  And told Jeff that they were all ducks.  As the weeks went by Moses started getting much bigger-fast.  We would all comment on how fast she was growing (and snicker).  Moses would sometimes start honking instead of quacking.  We aren’t sure when Jeff realized our prank, but he didn’t let on for awhile.  

Moses is now just starting to lay eggs.  She goes out behind the barn where the cows sleep and nests in the straw.  She follows us around like a dog and is the sweetest goose.  She will even knock at our back door when she wants to visit with us.  But best of all, she is particularly fond of Jeff because he pets her the most...

~Head soap pot scrubber & goose schemer

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