Bee veils help hide the wrinkles...

I’m 50 today.  Happy Birthday to me! I have seen so many pictures posted of women lately.   Most are of old women pictured alongside a younger women.  Some complementary of the aged, some not.  Maybe it’s because I’m a little more “aware” now that I’m old of course.  But, it got me thinking about being a half a century old...

I’ve been preparing myself (and family) for this day for the last 8 years.  Thinking maybe it would be less of a shock when it actually happened, or really just trying to find that extra little help (i.e. sympathy) doing chores or lifting heavy items (it didn’t work).

I'm not going to lie, but I really L.O.V.E being older.  Yes, really.  Our society favors the younger looking women.  I think that needs to change.  How you ask?  Here are a few ideas that you might want to adopt:

1)  You really do not care what other people think.  This is obvious when you show up to a large High School for parent/teacher conferences dressed in work overalls, carhart jacket (and hat!), and muck boots with cow shit on them because you were just too tired to change into something more “professional parent” like.  Needless to say, you also really do not care when your family is mortified & can’t believe that you would do such a thing.  However your teenage son, that wants to grow up & live in the woods, thinks it’s cool.

2)  You start wearing less makeup (or no makeup), when you really, really should be wearing more make up.  Hey, that’s what glasses are for (cat eye ones of course).  ........Why would anyone spend more than 5 minutes putting on makeup anyway?

3)  You wear your hair in long braids because you can’t get a comb through it & are too cheap to spend $200 on a hair cut more than once every four years.

4)  You stand up for yourself after 45 years of being “too nice” to mean people and you actually tell someone to kiss your %#$.  BUT you said it in Spanish and it translated to,  “kiss me, you ass!”

5)  You are really proud of your new outfit from South Korea and wear it to pick up your kid at wrestling practice.  Your embarrassed kid then tells you that most of the wrestling team asks if their Mom just returned from an African Hunting Safari...So you wear the exact same outfit the next day to a four school wrestling match.

What are some things that you do now that you’re older?


Old Farmer Fart


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